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Bashir Dawood-the Avid Supporter of Medical Research


The progress of Pakistan could be brought about by the active supporter and participant as well as the well-known philanthropist Bashir Dawood. They led to the foundation which is the Dawood Foundation.the best part of this foundation is that  Bashir Dawood has contributed about a lot of support as well as the tantamount aid which could really prove to be the massive assistance to medical students and medical research. This could be something in the form of contributing towards Pakistan’s first-ever specialized organ transplantation centre. Besides this  Bashir Dawood and mariyam dawood also proved to be a pioneer in the manner he opened numerous doors for especially the integration brought with the multiple surgical amenities that could be brought about with the AKUH based in Karachi.

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Aiming towards the national healthcare strategy

Bashir and Mariyam Dawood together gave the foundation of the Aga Khan University. the institution is Located in the heart of Karachi. The hospital also had a perfect location in the form of it being located in the Pakistani Province of Sindh, which has made it one of the leading institutions in the area of medical research. the institution has been proving to be the best with the effort of the Dawood family in Contributing to the progression of Pakistan’s national healthcare. The scholars are also there taking a major central role in bringing improvement to national health.